Zambia Interest Rates

The Zambian economy, with a population of 14.3 million ( est. 2012), ranks 117th in the world with a GDP PPP of $25.5 billion and GDP PPP per capita of $1,754 vs. $53,101 (United States) according to the IMF in 2013. The national currency used is the Zambian kwacha (ZMW) that is issued by Bank of Zambia ( Its banks offer standard products including transactional accounts, savings accounts and fixed deposit accounts for interest interest deposits. Estimates for consumer price inflation from the were 7.1% in 2013 and 6.6% in 2012.

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Zambia Banks

Showing rates for 5 Bank deposit providers in Zambia.
Bank Branch Founded Ownership
Zanaco Zanaco 59 1969 Local
Finance Bank Zambia Finance Bank Zambia 34 1986 Local
Standard Chartered Zambia Standard Chartered Zambia 25 1906 Foreign
FNB Zambia FNB Zambia 10 1998 Foreign
Access Bank Zambia Access Bank Zambia Foreign

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